Be A BOTANICAL Innovator,

Be discovered. Go Global!

TURN YOUR passion for plants into solutions for health through Export Barbados’ National Innovation Challenge.

Enter below your indigenous botanical solution for a chance at:

Up to $100,000 in technical and financial support

Personalised product and business development

Customised capacity building

Challenge Eligibility

Applicants must:

be 18 years or older
be living, located or based in Barbados
have an existing plant-based product, solution or discovery which you can pitch, demonstrate and provide a sample
be willing/able to scale as necessary to reach a high target number of users
be in need of technical assistance, strategic relationships and global access
present a plant-based product, solution or discovery that responds to the market demands for non-communicable diseases, healthy/well-aging or elderly care products.

Have a question?

Should you have any queries or require assistance, please contact:
email or
Tel. 427-5350.

*Please note that the BIDC (Export Barbados), and its affiliates for the Phyto-Innovation Challenge 2022, agree to hold all Confidential and/or Proprietary information obtained by registrants for the purpose of delivering services during the Challenge as strictly confidential. Any Confidential and/or Proprietary Information will not be disclosed for any purpose except for the purpose of delivering these services or if required to do so under the Law .